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Butt-Fusion Welding of HDPE Pipes PE 100 OD 1,200 mm
Butt-Fusion Welding (PE 100, OD 1,600 mm)

What we do

Duqm Engineering Material Solutions LLC (DEMS) is specialized in the supply, fabrication and installation of thermoplastic materials. This includes Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Sheets and Lining Systems made of PE 100 and PE 100-RC (HDPE), PP, PVC, PVDF and ECTFE.



Our scope of supply includes Piping Systems for Gas and Water distribution networks, Underground Firefighting networks, Sewerage and Irrigation networks, Storm Water Drainage networks, Seawater Intake systems, Desalination Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Power Plants and Chemical Plants.


Further we offer Geomembranes and Lining Systems used for secondary containment of Oil Tanks, Lake Lining systems, Evaporation Ponds, Waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities (Landfills), Flood Protection, Tunneling and many more.

DEMS obtains JSRS Certificate

Duqm Engineering Material Solutions LLC has been listed with the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) as a Credible Supplier to the Oil & Gas Operators in Oman. The JSRS Certificate is endorsed by the Ministry of Oil & Gas.



AGRU PE-Xa tubing inliners successfully installed in more than 750 oil wells

Advantages of AGRU PE-Xa tubing inliner

  • Successful installations in over 750 oil wells
  • Reduced production cost
  • Lifetime increase of sucker rod pumped and PCP wells
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Extended work-over intervals, thus reduced work-over costs
  • Reduced energy consumption of pumps (approximately 15%)


In oil production tubing failures are still one of the main reasons for unexpected and cost intensive work-overs of subsurface sucker rod pumps and progressive cavity pumps. In many cases, the actual root cause of tubing failures is a synergistic effect of both, the rods wearing on the tubing wall (abrasion) coupled with the electro-chemical attack (corrosion). Regular tubing replacements result in high costs and loss of productivity. The consequences on the economics especially of mature oil fields can be tremendous and even lead to the abandonment of wells.


In order to increase the lifetime of tubing and the average time between work-overs, the Austrian oil company OMV initiated an R&D project which has been strongly supported by Borealis and AGRU. The outcome of this project is an innovative technical solution which was patented.

Cause of wear

Due to the increasing demand for oil it is still economic to produce oil out of mature fields having water cuts of 90% or even more. Formation water but also other corrosive components of crude oil are the main reasons for corrosion. In case of sucker rod pumps and progressive cavity pumps at the same time the rods are wearing on the tubing wall which causes abrasion. Especially the combined occurrence of corrosion and abrasion is critical and responsible for early tubing failures as shown in the picture.

AGRU has the solution

Thermoplastic in-liners made of high-grade polymers are the best choice for oilfield tubular protection. Especially to protect the tubing string against corrosion as well as abrasion from reciprocating and turning rods in oil production. To select the best thermoplastic material a novel test station was developed. This test station simulates the movement of rod couplings against the lined tubing string under real service conditions, thus it evaluates the combined effects of abrasion and corrosion. Although polyethylene (PE) achieved good results cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) in combination with special surface treated rod couplings is to prefer due to the outstanding abrasion resistance and the much higher temperature resistance (up to 90 °C).

Applications for AGRU PE-Xa tubing inliner

PE-Xa tubing inliners are mainly have been developed for the onshore oil production using sucker rod pumps (SRP) or progressive cavity pumps (PCP). Best improvements can be achieved in mature oil fields with a high water cut and well deviations where tubing failures caused by abrasion and corrosion occur in short intervals.


PE-Xa tubing inliners with their high advantages can also be used in water injection wells.


The Austrian oil companies OMV and RAG as well as the Romanian oil company OMV PETROM have installed tubing inliners in more than 750 oil wells so far. Statistics clearly show that the maintenance intervals can be extended significantly. As a result users are experiencing considerable economical and ecological advantages.

AGRU Well-Tubing Inliners (PE-Xa)
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