AGRU Air PE100 Piping for Compressed Air
AGRU Air PE100 Piping for Compressed Air


Corrosion free PE100 Piping for Compressed Air

AGRUAIR is a compressed-air system for loads of up to 16 bar which is available in outer diameters from 20 mm to 110 mm. Made of PE 100 it is ideal for compressed-air applications. PE 100 remains permanently free of corrosion, is resistant to oils used in compressors, to stress cracks, and impacts, and can be used between - 40° and + 60° Celsius. As is usual in the case of PE lines, AGRUAIR can be installed both above ground and underground. The installation is very simple and typically handled by means of heating element socket welding or electrical socket welding. AGRUAIR has been approved for ON EN 12201. The system is approved by CAL/OSHA in the United States and approval by the CSA Group exists for Canada. All the important PE standards have also been met.


Installation of AGRU Air PE100 Compressed Air Piping
Installation of AGRU Air PE100 Compressed Air Piping

High economic efficiency

Easy installation & universal use due to wide range of fittings 

AGRUAIR can be installed extremely quickly

  • Comprehensive range of fittings in PE 100
  • Heating element socket welding, butt welding or electrical welding possible
  • Pipelines can be laid above ground or underground

Maintenance free piping

No corrosion and debris inside the pipe because of smooth surfaces 

AGRUAIR offer the right solution for every requirement

  • Resistance to corrosion, abrasion and many chemicals
  • Completely smooth interior surfaces prevent deposits effectively
  • Wide operational temperature range of - 40° to + 70° Celsius

Full pressure resistance

AGRUAIR made of PE 100 is ideal for transporting compressed air

PE 100 blue offers several advantages over PVC, ABS and copper

  • It is significantly superior to PVC in terms of impact resistance and elasticity
  • In contrast to ABS, it is permanently resistant to compressor oil
  • 26% less pressure loss compared to copper thanks to smooth and corrosion-free interior surfaces

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