Welding Services

Butt-Fusion Welding of HDPE Pipes PE 100 OD 1,200 mm

Pipeline Welding

Butt-Fusion Welding of PE100 Pipes

As a service to our customers we are offering pipe welding services up to OD 2,000 mm. All our welding personnel is trained and certified by SKZ German Plastics Center as per the standards of DVGW (GW330 & GW331) the "German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water" and DVS the "German Welding Society".

Lining Systems

Welding of Geomembranes

Welding and installation of Geomembranes for the lining of landfills, tunnels, ponds and hydraulic engineering applications.

Welding personnel is trained and certified according to to Technical Code DVS 2212-3 of DVS German Welding Society.

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication and welding of PE 100-RC HDPE spools

Equipped with the latest infrared-butt-fusion-welding technology, we offer fabrication services for complex pipe spools made of PE 100-RC (HDPE), PP, PVDF and ECTFE for industrial applications. In example for Chlorination Dosing Skids, DAF Systems (Dissolved Air Flotation), Permeate Piping RO-Plants, Chemical Piping and many more.