Leister Plastic Welding

Hot-Air Tools

Leister Hot Jet S, Triac ST, Triac AT, Electron ST, Forte S3, Ghibli, Ghibli AW, Hotwind Premium, Diode S, Diode PID, Welding Pen R and Welding Pen S.

Extrusion Welders

Leister Weldplast S1, Weldplast S2, Weldplast S2 PVC, Weldplast S2 TPO, Weldplast S4, Weldplast S6, Fusion 2, Fusion 3 and Fusion 3C

Wedge Welders

Leister Twinny T7, Twinny T5, Twinny S, Comet, Comet USB, Geostar G5/G5 LQS, Geostar G7/G7 LQS

Hot-Air Welders

Leister Unidrive 500, Uniroof 700, Uniroof 300, Varimat V2, Bitumat B2, Minifloor, Unifloor 500, Uniplan 500/300, Variant T1 Tape, Tapemat.

Testing Instruments

Leister Coupon Cutter, Examo 600F USB, Examo 300F USB, Leak Tester, Vacuum Bell, Vacuum Box and Vacuum Pump. 

Nozzles & Accessories

For Nozzles and Accessories please visit the website of Leister Switzerland.

Grooving Devices

Groover and Groovy


Welding Machines

Hemtek ST and Seamtek 900 AT