01. January 2018
Duqm Engineering Material Solutions LLC has been listed with the Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) as a Credible Supplier to the Oil & Gas Operators in Oman. The JSRS Certificate is endorsed by the Ministry of Oil & Gas.
09. May 2017
ASAHI Large Diameter Butterfly-Valve Type 58
The 28” Type-58 butterfly valve has been re-engineered using the latest technology and production methods. This ensures a quality product from design through production resulting in high performance and shortened delivery times. Ideal Applications Include: Aquariums, Landfills, Mining, Desalination Facilities, Power Plants
25. April 2017
Successfull installations in over 750 oil wells Reduced production cost Lifetime increase of sucker rod pumped and PCP wells Abrasion and corrosion resistance Extended work-over intervals, thus reduced work-over costs Reduced energy consumption of pumps (approximately 15%)